Hello, I'm Amber McGregor

I am a User Interface designer with an interest in vector illustration, a passion for product and an obsession with Elvis.

My Work


KenoAssist is a digital solution to communication within the healthcare industry. Through personal experience with family member receiving care and my time working as a care assistant I recognised serious problems with the lack of communication in healthcare. I wanted to combat this issue and offer a viable solution that helps both family and friends as well as healthcare staff. A promotional website is currently under development at kenoassist.com.


HobbyHealth was designed to combat mental illness in the workplace by reducing stress and promoting the health benefits of having a hobby. Studies suggest that people with a hobby are less likely to be impacted by stress and anxiety.

Death by Design

I researched into the consequences of bad design and the impact that a badly designed systems can have. This was background research for my major project looking at how designing systems for healthcare means that you put lives in your hands and as designers we are responsible for the decisions that we make.

My name is Amber McGregor (no relation to Conor) and I am from the city of Belfast, Northern Ireland. A place where we describe everything as “wee”.

I enjoy to solve problems through the use of technology. I design for screen and have experience in UI and UX design, as well as experience creating printed materials. My love for design extends to vector illustration and I have completed various graphics for companies worldwide.

I am looking for opportunities as a UI/UX designer and have a keen interest in product design. If you have any opportunities, or want to enquire regarding my freelance availability you can get in contact through any social media pages, or send me a wee email.